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Friday, February 01, 2008

5 New Ways to Have a Delicious Night

I remember when DKNY Be Delicious launched, I wanted so much to love it. My friend Ann Marie wore it and it smelled incredible on her - but on me, it was Eau de Cheap Apple Shampoo. I was steamed, with nothing left to do but look enviously at the the itty bitty green apple bottles in their little crate, the matching lip glosses, the twee apple stickers. Be Delicious would never work for me. Skin chemistry is so fickle that way.

I'm having slightly better luck with DKNY Delicious Night, a combination of pomelo, blackberry martini, blooming night florals, amber, and black incense. I don't know what makes a "blackberry martini" note different from plain blackberry, but I will tell you that there is something dry and vodka-ish about the opening of this fragrance. At first spritz it reminds me of Apothia Velvet Rope which, incidentally, was inspired by "an icy, dry vanilla martini." So maybe there's something to be said for that martini note after all.

After the 'tini has died down, Delicious Night is all fruit to me, and it's way too sweet - but then it settles down into a nice, warm drydown thanks to the amber and incense. See, slightly better luck with this one.

Five new items have just been added to the collection, and if it were one of those "this just doesn't work for me" situations, like original Be Delicious, I'd be mighty pissed. Why? Because these five new items aren't your usual shower gel and lotion type things. Read on:

  • Delicious Night Eau de Parfum Rollerball: Rollerballs are my new obsession, so whenever I see one in a fragrance I like even remotely, I'm all over it. They're portable, tiny, and they never spill. $34, available February 2008.
  • Delicious Night Lip/Cheek Stain: This is one I haven't seen before in a fragrance range. It's also the only one of the five that I haven't tested. I'm assuming it's scented, but I can't tell you for sure yet. Have you seen it at Sephora? Report back! $25, Sephora exclusive, available February 2008.
  • Delicious Night Candle: Matching candles are another obsession of mine. I love the ones from Bond No. 9 and Monyette Paris. This one is housed in a deep purple hued glass jar which, while rather small, is tres sexy. $25, Sephora exclusive, available February 2008.
  • Delicious Night Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.0 oz: The iconic apple bottle in a petite size small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Not the most innovative of the five, but there's something about holding this bottle that reminds me of David Bowie's orb in Labyrinth. I also feel that I can't end this blurb without telling you that it would make a very cool paperweight. $38, available February 2008.
  • Delicious Night Limited Edition EDP: This gorgeous bottle comes with 25 faceted stones knocking around the inside, with a clear gradation at the base of the bottle so you can enjoy all the sparkle. I'm a sucker for these embellished bottles, I know. $75, exclusive to Bloomingdale's available April 2008.
While not a new item, there's also a matching lip gloss that I find myself reaching for quite a bit lately (this scented lip gloss thing seems to be a trend these days). It's a deep grape shimmer that's sheer but still pigmented enough to be noticeable, giving you a shiny berry pout. The fragrance itself was a little on the fruity side for me (what do you expect from a fruit-shaped bottle?), but fruit in a lip gloss is just fine.

It's interesting to see how fragrance lines are expanding this way. We've seen scented candles for a while, but the lip glosses are pretty new, and we've also seen items like scented hair mists, gel moisturizers, and now cheek stains. What do you think of this trend - do you just want to wear your perfume on your neck and wrists, or are you all about the layering, even on your lips?