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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Runway Beauty: Backstage at Twinkle

Twinkle, twinkle, little...curling iron?

Yes, my friends, a little curling iron indeed. To create this fluffy, wavy look, the Redken team started by curling hair with a very narrow-barreled curling iron (I'm guessing 1/4", certainly no more than 1/2"). I had actually never seen one with such a narrow barrel! Then the hair was teased, starting at the crown, creating these big fluffy waves. This may not be one that you want to recreate at home, but it looked great on the runway!

Polly Osmond and the MAC team created a "really fresh, clean, minimal look" that focused on "beautiful lashes and cheeks, and perfect skin." The finishing touch was a nearly bare, rosy lip. As for the colors? "Classic MAC canon," says James of the MAC Pro team.

UPDATE: As promised, here are the products used at the Twinkle show (all by MAC), and a face chart!

Skin: Face and Body Foundation

Eyes: Sculpt & Shape in Sculpt, Pro Lash Mascara in Coal Black, and gloss

Cheeks: Mocha and Well Dressed blushes, mixed

Lips: Fast Play and Caplisas lipsticks, mixed. Wait a minute. What is Caplisas? Can't find that color anywhere. Back to the drawing board...