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Monday, February 04, 2008

Runway Beauty: Backstage at Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese's Fall/Winter collection was inspired by nature, so makeup artist Mally Roncal took that into account when creating the look for the show. She gave the models a "stormy eye" - NOT a typical smokey eye, she said. Just as a storm comes in waves, this eye look was created with layers and layers of color, from lilac to grey to black. "The eye area has a lot of power," she said. "It's very activated."

Mally herself was very activated, too. Loud, animated, and flashy, Mally sported the most makeup that I've ever seen any makeup artist wear backstage. Ever. She was wearing about 8 pounds of hot pink vinyl-finish lipgloss. But I digress.

Cheeks were accented with hot pink shimmer, and the same stain was dabbed on lips, but without shimmer. I hate to say it, but I thought this look was totally overdone and off-trend. The photo above looks somewhat pretty, but on the runway, that shiny blush looked awful - like the models' cheeks had been smeared with Vaseline. It really doesn't work under all those lights. And frankly, super shimmery blush doesn't work too well in real life, either.

In close-up, that "stormy eye" was rather heavy-handed. There was no sense of balance in the face - it featured a strong eye, strong cheek and strong lip. On some of the models it was eerily reminiscent of a late '80s session at Glamour Shots. Too much!