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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Celeb Scent I Actually Like? Deseo by Jennifer Lopez

Let me preface this review with a little confession: I am a closet fan of Glow by J. Lo (not so secret anymore, I suppose).

I have never owned a bottle of it, but up until the release of Prada Infusion d'Iris it was my fragrance of choice for airport layovers and long haul flights. Before boarding I'd slip into the duty free shop and mist myself with Glow; it felt refreshing, and the scent seemed tame enough as to not offend any sensitive-nosed passengers. Without fail, it garnered compliments (even on the plane!) and I loved smelling it on myself.

Overall I can't say I'm a fan of celebrity fragrances; with a few notable exceptions, I find most of them boring and predictable. The exceptions? Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, With Love Hillary Duff, and - as you've probably deduced by now - a few of the Jennifer Lopez scents. I love Glow, and liked Still (sadly discontinued).

So, I was actually moderately excited to test out La Lopez's latest, Deseo. Inspired by the various flora in Jennifer's garden, Deseo's notes include watery bamboo leaves, garden yuzu, Sicilian bergamot, freesia, star jasmine, pink geranium flower, orange blossom, french mimosa, warm amber, oak moss, sensual musks, creamy sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, and mineral accord.

At first spritz I get a lot of bergamot and yuzu, mixed with this delicious beachiness that isn't coconut or Coppertone, just warm sand and a salty breeze (guessing this is the mineral accord?). After a few minutes Deseo settles into floral mode, and reminds me of a beach version of Gucci Rush. The drydown is all sandalwood on me, soft, warm and comforting.

I actually prefer Deseo in its beginning and end stages; the "middle" is almost a little too heavy and stuffy for me. I had this same issue with Gucci Rush, but it never smelled stuffy on anyone else...so I'm guessing if Rush worked for you, you're really going to love Deseo.

Overall, like the other Jennifer Lopez fragrances, I found Deseo to be really well-done; it's nicely blended, I love the bottle, and the packaging is pretty (the boxes look like linen, with turquoise and gold accents). It's also reasonably priced at $46 for a 1.7 oz bottle and $56 for the 3.4 oz size, currently available at Macy's.