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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pixel Pink Update

My Lancome Pixel Pink lippie arrived in the mail two days ago, and it is absolutely lovely. The shade has more of a blue raspberry cast than how it appears in the photo here (true to shade in this photo, though). It is very cool-toned, and the blue base makes it look incredible with blue eyes (although I suspect it is gorge on brown eyed girls and green eyed ladies as well).

Pixel Pink adds a great pop of color to the face without being too bright or heavy. It's sheer, light, and very shiny; the Color Fever Shine formula is like a gloss lipstick. I just love the color and finish for Spring.

It's sold out (again) on the Lancome site but I hear that Neiman Marcus will be carrying it, as well as the Lancome boutiques, where there are waiting lists. If you missed your chance the first time around, keep a lookout!

Another note: In order to get free shipping I bumped my order up to $50 with Baume Baiser, an innovative and fun little product from Gucci Westman's Mystery Game collection. I missed this one a few months ago, because it made its debut during that black hole period when I wasn't blogging (oops).

Baume Baiser is a pillow-shaped dome of lip balm that's firm but spongy to the touch. When you apply it, it feels eerily like you're kissing someone. Strange but addictive! Plus, the coconut milk scent is just delicious. Baume Baiser is a "beauty bye bye" item, so once it's gone, it's gone...if you want one, act now.