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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Runway Beauty: J. Mendel

Edward Tricomi created this gorgeous 'do for last week's J. Mendel show, and it's simpler than it looks! The look was a classic chignon, turned youthful and modern with a unique oval-braided shape.

I'm not so sure about that little mini ponytail on the top, but the braided chignon is so pretty - an unexpected twist on a classic look. It's sleek and modern but the braiding adds a romantic touch.

I think a present-day Rapunzel might wear her hair like this (when she's not using it as a rope, that is).

To recreate the look for yourself, follow these steps:

  • Double-part hair, pulling the sectioned off portion into a small ponytail

  • Wrap a thin strand around a mini pony holder to conceal it

  • Gather all the hair into a ponytail, secure with an elastic, and braid it

  • Wrap the braid into an oval shaped chignon, securing with several hairpins.

  • Finish with hairspray (Warren-Tricomi's Flexible Hairspray was used at the show, to give hair a matte look minus the stiffness)
Click the thumbnails below to enlarge and see Edward in action!