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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two Super Luxe Gifts from Bond No. 9

To coincide with the release of the new Andy Warhol Union Square scent, Bond No. 9 is offering a portfolio of ten 100ml bottles that showcase Warhol's Flowers in 10 color combinations (click the photo for a larger view).

This is an amazing collector gift, and just gorgeous to behold, but it is beyond impractical! The bottles are all filled with the same Union Square scent; there's no way anyone could ever get through 1000ml of the same fragrance. For $1500 I'd prefer 10 variations on the scent, maybe each centering on one note from the original, like what Stella McCartney did with Stella in Two. Or if it had to be 10 bottles of the same fragrance, at least do the set in the 50ml size. Ten 100ml bottles of Union Square, even in those gorgeous bottles, is just too much and not compelling enough at that price.

There's also a Mother's Day gift which, while still pricey, is far more palatable. A bottle of Union Square wrapped with a limited-edition Robert Lee Morris Warhol-inspired Flowers necklace in sterling silver will set you back $575 (which works out to $195 for the fragrance and $380 for the RLM necklace).

Are you lusting after either of these luxe gifts? Or have the prices shot too far into the stratosphere?