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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beauty Addict's First Aid Essentials

OK, so maybe this post isn't exciting as one about some limited-edition lipstick or new makeup collection, but it's bound to be more useful. First aid for everyday cuts and scrapes is no joke, yo! You don't want to end up with ugly scars that require onion-smelling Mederma and silicone patches, do you?

As an observant fellow blogger once pointed out, I am rather accident prone - she said my stash looked like "a first aid kit ready to go to Iraq!" Suffice it to say I know my way around my Neosporin and Blood Stop bandages (that's my post-surgical arm right there, covered in Steri-Strips). So without further ado, I present Beauty Addict's Top 5 First Aid Essentials:

  • Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Cleansing Foam. As claimed, it really is hurt-free. I recall howling in pain when washing out a wound with some other product, but that's never happened with this foam. Just pump some on, let it dissipate into the wound, and dab off the excess.

  • Neosporin + Pain Relief. Neosporin is obviously a great choice for preventing infection, thereby speeding up the healing process, but this version has the added bonus of a topical pain reliever. An absolute must for painful cuts!

  • Duane Reade Triple Antibiotic Ointment. This is a store brand product from a local NY chain, so if you're in the city, pick some up. While the Neosporin product mentioned above it great for wounds, I swear this particular ointment works wonders on PIMPLES. I've used it on the worst, pulsating red zits and seen them shrink away in less than 2 days.

  • CVS BloodStop Bandages. When I sliced off a piece of my finger with a razor two summers ago, these bandages were the only thing that stopped the bleeding. The pad is coated with microdispersed oxidized cellulose, which helps coagulate blood on top of the wound and seal it over. I can't find them at the website, but they're available only at CVS pharmacies and are defininitely worth stocking up on.

  • Johnson & Johnson Advanced Healing Adhesive Pads. These bandages act in place of a scab and cover the enire wound, with no openings that would let in dirt or debris. Once you put it on, moisture reacts with the pad and creates a gel cushion over the wound, minimizing pain and helping it heal faster. You need to put in a little effort to get these to form a good seal, but it's worth it (just hold the bandage in place with your hand for about a minute). These are especially good for the beach - they keep out sand and seawater that can irritate a wound!