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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This Mist Misses The Mark

My hair is pretty dry, so it isn't often that I don't like a product that's meant to restore it to some semblance of health. So I was actually pretty surprised when I was underwhelmed by this oil treatment spray from Jonathan Product.

IB Revitalizer Overnight Oil Treatment Spray uses a fine mist to deliver argan and macadamia oils to your hair. I love the concept; the fine spray mist makes it easy to coat your hair evenly and without mess. The oil feels lightweight and smells lovely, like strawberries (well at first it smells like crayons, but after about 5 minutes it smells like strawberries).

Unfortunately I just didn't see any results from this product. I used a little, I used a lot, I left it on for an hour, I left it on overnight...and I didn't notice any significant change in my hair. I've had much better results with some Carol's Daughter hair oils left on overnight and washed out in the morning. And the CD oils are a much more reasonable solution...the Jonathan oil spray is $44 a bottle. At that price I expect MAJOR results!

The funny thing is, Teri from Beautiful Makeup Search did get major results from this product. She loves it! Hair is so fickle that way. Check out Teri's review here. So, it still may be worth trying out, although my hair was completely indifferent toward it, even after 4 tries.