Esquire May 2008: Jessica Simpson - Beauty Addict

Friday, April 11, 2008

Esquire May 2008: Jessica Simpson

Esquire is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and thus has been recreating its most famous covers. This Jessica Simpson cover is a redux of the iconic 1965 cover shot featuring Italian actress Virna Lisi.

The original image was meant to make a statement about the nascent feminist movement in the '60s. What does this one say?

To me, all it represents is the second example this year of a fading starlet struggling to stay relevant by channeling an iconic celeb and/or image from years past.

Seriously, why is Jessica even getting media coverage anymore? Because she dates Tony Romo? This is the woman who thought Chicken of the Sea was chicken, and she's the one chosen to recreate this iconic image that represented a pretty heavy social issue. This is a rather sad state of affairs.

What do you think of this cover?