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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Bikini Perfect with Bliss & Philips

Bikini season is upon us, girls! (Not that you shouldn't be tending to your bikini line in the off-season too, though.)

Razors leaving you stubbly and nicked? Tired of painful waxing (and keeping the appointments)? You might want to look into this new bikini tool from Bliss & Philips.

The Bikini Perfect Deluxe Spa Edition is a cordless, rechargeable, wet/dry little gadget that does everything from trimming to shaving to epilating, thanks to 6 different attachments:

  • Precision Trimmer perfectly grooms bikini line with precision and comfort

  • Precision Comb adjusts to 5 length settings to ensure even results

  • Eyebrow Comb trims your brows to a uniform length

  • Micro Trimmer shapes and defines eyebrows or removes a single hair

  • Micro Shaver uses a hypo-allergenic foil for a close, smooth shave

  • Finally, the Epilator, for the truly brave, rips hair out at the root!
Now, honestly, my dad reads this blog so I'm not exactly comfortable revealing too much about my bikini area preferences. Suffice it to say that I am not a fan of body hair in general and had no desire to use any of the trimmers, so I can't give you my opinion on those. The razor and the epilator, though? Yes indeed. But let's talk about them in the context of legs and underarms, k? Guess I'm just a bit of a prude.

The razor is like a men's electric razor with a foil instead of exposed blades. It shaves with no pain, no dragging, and no nicks. This was my first time using an electric razor and I liked it! Totally different feeling than a traditional razor. However, I learned quickly that if I didn't apply even (and somewhat firm) pressure, the shaver missed some hairs and I had to go over the area again. Even, firm pressure helped solve the problem.

Now, the epilator. This is a small one, meant for tight spots, but I used it on my entire leg anyway. Once I started, I just couldn't stop. It hurts like hell, but I love it. If you've never seen one, it's basically a set of motorized tweezers set on a rotary. Glide it over your skin and YOWZA! Hair is gone at the root.

The epilator feels like getting snapped with a rubberband, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I managed to do my underarms and one of my legs before I gave it a rest (plus, I needed that other leg for testing out the no!no!).

The Bikini Perfect also comes with trial size tubes of lemon+sage body butter (1 oz) and lemon+sage body scrub (1 oz), plus five Bliss ingrown hair eliminating peeling pads, all tucked in a drawstring travel bag.

Best of all, you get everything for $60 - not too shabby for all the options this little gadget offers. No matter what your bikini line style, the Bikini Perfect has you covered!