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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Sleeper Hit from Heatherette

I love it when an overlooked, no-hype product turns out to be an underrated gem! Today's pick is from the much-anticipated, quickly-gobbled-up MAC Heatherette collection. While products like Hollywood Nights lipstick and, well, ALL the Lipglasses, were talked about nonstop and sold out in a flash, there was one little gem that flew under the radar (even under MY radar).

Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder, this is your day.

At first glance I considered Smooth Harmony to be the runt of the Heatherette litter. And shortly after the release of the collection online, customer demand seemed to confirm it: Smooth Harmony was one of the only items in the collection that wasn't sold out.

Though the hot pink packaging was beyond fab, the pressed powder inside just didn't impress. In the compact it looked like a flat, pale-ish bronzer with way too much peach, verging dangerously on orange territory. I shrugged and tossed it into the Beauty Graveyard.

But this week, still struggling to get over this awful spring cold, I was desperate to find something that would perk up my skin, which was looking pink, and not in the healthy way. Pink as in, pink around the nose, under the eyes and in splotches on my cheeks, while the rest of the face was chalk-white, even with tinted moisturizer and blush. Blech! I needed something to warm it up and even out those splotches.

After a few failed tries with other products (my usual Bare Escentuals Clear Radiance just made the pink problem worse), I reached for Smooth Harmony. And what do you know, it did the trick! A quick dusting with a fat bronzer brush gave my complexion the healthy warmth that I'd been searching for. It is indeed on the peachy side, but it's sheer enough to even out your skin and give it a little glow without turning it orange.

Smooth Harmony is a total sleeper hit; it works as a sheer, light bronzer or an overall pick-me-up for a ruddy face. But my dark-skinned readers...this one's probably not for you. It looks too light and sheer to show up on darker skintones. But if you count yourself among the pale set, you're in luck.