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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Because Fabric Softeners are Fragrances, Too

Last weekend I was relaxing in the Hamptons with my friend B, looking out over the water, enjoying a bottle of excellent Sauvignon Blanc and discussing...fabric softener. Yes, fabric softener! So chic, right? Heh.

Anyhow, the reason we were discussing this scintillating topic was that I had just opened my weekend bag and couldn't stop sticking my face into my clothes. Not only were they incredibly soft, they smelled AMAZING. It was the same smell that had wafted through the laundry room the day before, and into my bedroom when I brought the clothes in. B loved it too and I ended up having to share my fabric softener secret with her.

I guess fabric softener *sort of* falls into the fragrance category, right? So it's not totally off topic if I post about it. And I bet you want to know what it is!

My new obsession is Downy Simple Pleasures Radiance Collection in Turquoise Frost.

I had tried some items from the Simple Pleasures line before, and found them to be a major step up from the average detergent/fabric softener scent. But the Radiance Collection raises the bar even further; the scents are more sophisticated and don't have the sharp edge to them that many laundry products have. And the Radiance Collection softeners are infused with scent pearls that release as you move, so the scent lasts longer (it really does, I could still smell it after a full day's wear).

Turqouise Frost is crisp and fresh without being too aquatic or citrusy. It has a warmer base than the usual laundry scents, so it's cozy and soft. And you know I'm a sucker for bottles...this one is the prettiest supermarket laundry product I've ever seen.

And seriously, this is one of the best cheap thrills I've had in ages. Take a furtive sniff of it next time you find yourself in the laundry aisle!