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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beauty Graveyard: My 5 Most-Missed Products

Just recently I "hit pan" on a limited-edition MAC eyeshadow, and as I saw the first glimpse of silver metal at the bottom of the near-empty pan, I realized that once I finished it, it would be gone for good. Damn these limited edition products!

It got me thinking about some of my old favorites (limited edition or not) that are, ahem, "in a better place now." Some, I still haven't been able to replace. I think I'll go light a candle for them in a church. RIP beauty products!

Here, my 5 favorite products that have since gone off to the big Sephora in the sky:

Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Lounge
My HG lip pencil, gone but not forgotten. Lounge was a dusty pink that was a near-exact match to my natural lip color, making it the perfect foundation for any lip look. I picked up a few before they disappeared forever, but now I'm dreading the day the last one runs out. I've yet to find another that matches Lounge's beyond-perfect shade and soft texture.

Stila Shadow Pot in Gold
This was part of a New Year's collection a few years ago, and I LOVED it. This gold mousse shadow had just the right amount of shimmer, no weird bright yellow undertones, and it never creased. I thought that a MAC pigment, Gold Dusk, would be a worthy successor, but the annoyance of a loose pigment just couldn't match up to the supreme mousse texture of the Stila. And guess what? Gold Dusk was limited edition and soon went the way of the Stila anyway.

That Nameless Gold Cream Shadow from Chanel
I can't even remember the name of the product (I think the shade name might have been Atoll), but it's long discontinued. It was a perfect sheer gold cream eyeshadow that creased like hell, but was gorgeous. (The creasing was easily remedied with an undercoat of Urban Decay Primer Potion.) What's up with me and these gold shadows? I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pale yellow gold, preferably a cream formula, and as soon as I find one, it disappears. Right now, my pick is Shiseido Hydro-Powder Shadow in Glistening Sand, but that's more of a champagne. The search continues!

Fendi Theorema
One of my favorite winter scents, Theorema smells like a stylized pomander, with notes of tangelo, jasmine, thai shamouti (orange), osmanthus, spices, cinnamon, pink pepper, sandalwood, guaiac wood, amber, macassar, sweet cream, and musk. My mom and I have been fans for years, and apparently we're not alone -- Theorema is a favorite of many other perfume fanatics, too (see Robin's review at Now Smell This, and all the positive comments below it). It is sadly discontinued, but can still be found at several online discounters...for now. I'm so freaked out about running out, but the thing is, who really finishes a 3.4 oz bottle of perfume these days, anyway?

Smashbox Fusion Lip Illusion
This bizarre little lip product had a white shimmer gloss on one end, and what appeared to be a black gloss on the other. Mixed with dark or matte shades, the white shimmer added dimension and lightened the color. Plus, it had the most delicious aroma of vanilla frosting. The black gloss, which had an equally delicious berry scent, added depth to lighter lip colors. I liked mixing it with light pinks to create all manner of berry shades. When I first reviewed it, I said "it'll turn your lipstick stash into a versatile palette that can work with any look." Oh, how right I was. It was one of the most fun lip products I owned, and boy do I miss it.

What are your favorite discontinued products? Were you able to find a suitable replacement, or do you still mourn for that old favorite?