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Friday, June 20, 2008

ColorOn: Peel Slowly and See

Have you heard of ColorOn? The company makes pre-loaded, oval-shaped eyeshadow appliques that you basically stick on your lids and peel off, revealing a "professional, flawless look." Brush with the included setting powder and you're good to go.

It was announced recently that they've been picked up by Sephora, and will be producing an exclusive new collection for the beauty giant. The new collection, EyeEnvy, will make its debut on Sephora's website this month, with an in-store launch across the US and Canada in July.

ColorOn looks interesting, but I must say I am dubious. How is it possible that this one oval could work for everyone's eye shape? Eye shadow placement is certainly different for various eye wouldn't do eyeshadow the same way on my eyes as you would Asian or almond-shaped eyes. Not everyone's crease, arch or browbones are in the same place.

Also, I might have a little more faith in the product if it actually looked good on the models showcased on the website. Some of them look okay, but seriously? Green shadow all the way up to the eyebrows? A random patch of blue at the outer corner? They just look a little...weird.

Some of the more outlandish ones, like the zebra and the camo, might be fun for Halloween, but honestly I don't know why anyone would need this for everyday. Based on the "one size fits all" size and shape, it looks like you'd still need to blend and adjust to get the right look. So why bother?

Still, I'm debating picking up a few of these just to give them a fair test run. Can't say they're high on my "must try" list, though. What about you?