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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dress Up Your Tweezers With Rubis and Tweezerman

OK, this is a totally frivolous post, but fun nonetheless. Everyone has to own a tweezer, so why not one that's a little more fun than usual?

First off, I'll share my absolute favorite tip for a perfect brow tweeze: do it in the car. (Not while you're driving, of course.) The visor mirror makes it easy to get really close to your reflection, and the natural light on 3 sides makes even the tiniest blonde hairs easy to see.

I don't know about you, but the light in my bathroom -- and even the natural light in my apartment -- makes it pretty difficult to see some of those little hairs. They look blonde in artificial light and dark in natural light, it's so bizarre! Once you get out into the natural light, you realize what a shoddy tweeze job you've done. Tweezing in the car is THE solution. Let's say it one more time, though, with feeling: NOT WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING.

Tweezerman and Rubis make my favorite tweezers; they're impossibly sharp and make quick work of even the tiniest, peskiest hairs. Check out these fun picks from both brands; my favorite is the Swiss Tweeze!

  • Rubis Swiss Tweeze ($29.95): These brushed stainless pluckers are the "holey grail" of tweezers! Oh baby, was that corny, but I couldn't help it. I've never seen anything like these before. You'll pay a couple of extra bucks for these perforated pluckers, but they're just so damn cute.

  • Tweezerman Pink ($20): A classic pick, the iconic Tweezerman slant tips are available in red and black as well.

  • Tweezerman Animal Print ($25): Don't be surprised if these disappear from your medicine cabinet the next time your girlfriends come over! Available in Giraffe, Leopard, Reptile and Zebra. These fierce tweezers are limited edition, so grab 'em now.

  • Rubis Gold ($34.95): The super-luxe tweezer. If you're balking at the price tag on the Rubis, La Cross also makes a gold tweezer (and it comes with adjustable finger grips, too) for only $8.95.