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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kenzo Ryoko Will Rock Your World!

Kenzo has introduced 5 new limited edition Ryoko travel sprays for summer 2008. If you haven't heard about the Ryokos yet, you're missing out!

I first discovered these travel size fragrances at a duty-free shop in Munich two years ago and was totally enamored. They were smooth and curved like river stones, and housed some of my favorite Kenzo fragrances, like Summer. Best of all, because of the way they're packaged they're nearly unbreakable -- perfect for standing up to rough baggage handlers and pesky TSA screeners. (They're 20 ml, so, quart-baggie-friendly.)

Anyhow, the Ryokos used to be exclusive to airports and Kenzo boutiques, but now these darling little stones are more readily available. They're back this year in shiny, colorful packaging (the originals were matte and a little more muted). And they're suspended in see-through boxes that are meant to evoke "one of the ironies of modern travel - motion without movement."

Like many of my favorite things from Kenzo, Method, and even Dirt Devil, the packaging was designed by the uber-talented Karim Rashid. This man does the BEST packaging, friends. Check out my little ode to him from last year.

This year, the Ryokos are available in 5 scents; sadly, my favorite Summer is not among them this time, but the gorgeous Amour is:

  • Flower by Kenzo
  • Kenzo Amour
  • L'eau Par Kenzo
  • L'eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme
  • Tokyo by Kenzo
These irrestible little baubles can be yours for $29 each, and are launching next month at