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Monday, June 09, 2008

Marilyn Monroe's Blonde Betty

You know I rarely discuss, ahem, bikini line issues on this blog, but I saw these funny tidbits and just had to share. These come from the people at bettybeauty, you know, "color for the hair down there." I remembered the Sex & The City one, but the Marilyn and Mary Quant bits surprised me! Read on:

  • While Marilyn Monroe was gaining notoriety in the ‘50s as an actress and sex symbol, her betty was earning a reputation of its own – Monroe famously dyed her hair down there to match her bleach-blonde mane.
  • British fashion designer Mary Quant hit the scene in the ‘60s, becoming the queen of swinging London and popularizing innumerable fashion trends. Perhaps even more notable though was her infamous declaration that she regularly trimmed her betty in the shape of a heart and dyed it green.
  • Sex and the City fans everywhere peered into the life of Samantha Jones as she shockingly discovered a gray hair down there and, in a hasty cover-up attempt, accidently dyed the whole thing orange. “Bozo the Bush” will forever live in infamy.
I've mentioned before that I'm just not a fan of any body hair in general, so I don't think I need to say any more on this topic. But, I have to admit that bettybeauty is doing some pretty innovative stuff. Malibu Betty for the bride who's looking for "something blue?" Betty stencils like lightning bolts and stars? Hehe. So, dear readers, tell me...