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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Holy Grail of Hair Products

OK girls. Writing this post is actually making me a little uncomfortable. I hate to say it, but some of the negative backlash against beauty blogs (think the NYT story from a few months ago, message board posters slamming blogs for being PR machines, and the occasional nasty commenter) has finally started to get to me. I feel jaded, cynical. The whole deal, sadly, has tempered a bit of my old unbridled enthusiasm for beauty products.

So when I sit down to write a gushingly positive review of a product, I automatically start thinking, "will my readers believe this? Will they think I only wrote it because of a free trip or more products or a Chanel bag? Will I be accused of secretly working for the company?" (Believe me, this has happened in the past. The accusation, that is.)

But there is a hair product I've been using these days that I'm so in love with, I just can't help myself from gushing. It's seriously that good. And I'm going to sing its praises all day long, from a mountaintop if I can.

And if you don't believe me, I don't really care, because I'll be over here with my amazing tresses, and yours will still be dry and brittle. Your loss!

To find out what it is, read more.

Say hello to Bumble & bumble Creme de Coco Masque. This once-a-week hair masque smells (unsurprisingly) like coconut and has the consistency of body cream. The application is pretty standard; after shampooing, you work a generous squeeze through hair and leave it on at least 7 minutes (the back of the tube instructs you to "relax for 7 minutes or more"...HA HA funny! I don't even know what the word "relax" means these days).

You can also wrap your head in a hot towel, apply heat with a blow-dryer, or sit in the sun for a bit for an extra boost of conditioning. I, however, only waited the requisite 7 minutes.

Now, longtime readers will know that my hair is really, really dry and always needs some extra help in the conditioning department. But it's also rather fine, which means it sometimes gets overpowered by too-thick products, or those that don't rinse well.

Thus, I stepped out of the shower with high hopes and a little bit of apprehension.

I let my hair air dry, without so much as a towel touching it. I put no product in serum, no mousse, no special super-protein-volumizing-shine-enhancing spray. And I waited.

Once it was dry I brushed it and went through it a few times with my Sedu Revolution iron. And then I stepped back and admired my hair, for it looked better than it ever has. EVER.

It was smooth. It was incredibly soft. And it had an amazingly glossy shine, the likes of which I'd never before been able to achieve without the aid of a lot of silicone-based serum. It stayed straight, soft and frizz-free all day, even in the presence of oppressive NYC humidity. And it wasn't limp, which can be an unfortunate side effect of some deep conditioners and masques.

I couldn't stop touching it. The second day, it still looked perfect, and didn't feel too oily or dirty, thanks to the complete lack of styling products in it. The next time I shampooed, I used just a dab of the masque as regular conditioner -- that's how much I love it. Creme de Coco Masque is undoubtedly the best product I have ever used on my hair.

I've said good things about other hair masques in the past, but all those old favorites now sit lonely and unused in my shower. Fekkai Shea Butter Mask, Alterna 10, that Pureology one that smells like Vitamin Water...forget 'em. This is the only one you need.