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Monday, June 02, 2008

What Do Pureology and Vitamin Water Have in Common?

One of my favorite dry-hair treatments of late is Pureology Nanoworks Luxury Hair Masque. If you're not familiar with the brand, Pureology is a super-luxe line for color-treated hair...I LOVED the super-mild, "Zero Sulfate" Nanoworks shampoo, so I had high hopes for the masque.

The thick, creamy masque goes on after you shampoo and spends 5 minutes rejunvenating and moisturizing your hair. My hair tends to get a little crispy after any extended period of time in the hot sun, so the masque feels great and restores a ton a softness and moisture. And like other Pureology products, it smells incredible.

The first time I opened the jar and caught a whiff of it, I thought, "this smells EXACTLY like XXX Vitamin Water." Funny thing, because both the Pureology Masque and the Vitamin Water boast the same triple-threat antioxidant combo of pomegranate, blueberry and acai. I'm almost tempted to store the Pureology masque in the fridge alongside its friends...my numerous bottles of the Vitamin Water, Bossa Nova acai juice, and a Costco-size bottle of POM.

Unfortunately, like all Pureology products, the Luxury Hair Masque carries a luxury price tag. The best price I've found is $51.99 for the 5.2 oz size, or $84.99 for the 14 oz, at SleekHair.com. Still, since the formula is so thick, the jar will last you quite a while. So keep it around for Saturday nights when especially amazing hair is the order of the day. And in the interim, you can just pick up a XXX Vitamin Water to get your antioxidant fix.