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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Two Sugarfoots (Sugarfeet?)

When I lived in Wilmington, DE, my absolute favorite place for lunch was a gourmet sandwich shop called Sugarfoot. It was located on the lobby level of the building where I lived, so on weekdays I'd make excuses to work from home or jet back over lunch -- just to have one of those delicious pressed sandwiches with black forest ham, gruyere and caramelized pears. Yum.

So why am I telling you this? Well, one of my favorite niche brands, Product Body, now has a foot scrub called...Sugarfoot.

This is the third Product Body scrub that I've reviewed at Beauty Addict (the first two were Velvet and Crush on You), and now I'm just gonna come out and say it: Joanna Schmidt is the Queen of Scrubs.

Sugarfoot is a sugar-and-shea-butter scrub that smooths and softens toes, heels and ankles. It's pretty thick -- you really have to dig it out of the jar -- and packed to the gills with scrubby bits. This is key for me these days, especially after my recent disappointment with that useless L'Occitane scrub.

While Sugarfoot is quite moisturizing, it rinses cleaner than most sugar scrubs, so you won't be left with that greasy, waxy feeling on your feet (it's bad enough to have that feeling on your arms and legs, nevermind your toes, right?).

I thought I'd use this scrub more frequently in the winter when feet are drier, but now that it's summer I've discovered that it's more useful than ever. You know that weird feeling your feet get when you've been at the beach all day? Not so much sand, but the residue of sand? When I was a kid, I called it "beach feet," and I suppose there's really no better name. Well, Sugarfoot makes quick work of beach feet, restoring them to their soft, smooth, freshly-pedicured glory.

Best of all, Sugarfoot is vegan, paraben-free, and composed of 95% natural ingredients. And like all of Product's products, it feels and smells absolutely heavenly. It comes in two scents, but really, who cares about Ruby Red Grapefruit when you can have COOKIE?