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Friday, July 18, 2008

Green Tea With Honey...In a Body Cream

OK, here's a little Inside the Blogger's Studio for you: when companies send me products for consideration, I have all the packages sent to my parents' house, since with work and travel I am rarely at home to sign for them myself. Hence, my dad's VP of Logistics title.

I go over there every few days to pick up the boxes and root through the new goodies. I do this with my mom, who is just as much a product junkie as I. And occasionally she falls so in love with something right on the spot, that I just end up handing it over to her.

I did this with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream, and now OMG, BOY AM I REGRETTING IT.

I was at their house recently and could smell this intoxicating aroma wafting off my mother as she moved about the kitchen. I grabbed her arm and took a deep sniff.

"WHAT IS THAT? You must tell me immediately."

Alas, it was the Green Tea Honey Drops cream that I had given over to her a few months before.

Now, I liked the original Arden Green Tea scent, but didn't love it. My mom is the sucker for tea fragrances, that's how she ended up with this cream in the first place. I don't even think I opened the jar. But this cream, this's like a softer, honeyed version of Green Tea. I LOVE it. It's rich and moisturizing, but has a light texture that makes it the perfect summerweight body cream.

I had to get some of my own, after kicking myself for not keeping it in the first place. No bother, though, because at $17.50 for 8.4 oz, it's a far cry from the uber expensive body creams (Tocca, that's you) that I usually cave on.