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Friday, July 18, 2008

New From PureOlogy: Zero Sulfate Dandruff Scalp Cure

Luxury haircare brand PureOlogy recently launched a dandruff line, so if you suffer from flakes and desire something a little more posh than Head & Shoulders, you're in luck.

I have samples of the new DandruffScalpCure sitting here in front of me, but I haven't used them -- no need to slather my head in Pyrithicone Zinc (the anti-dandruff ingredient) if I don't have dandruff to begin with, right?

But, I thought I'd still pass along the news for those for those of you who might be interested. The DandruffScalpCure line uses Pyrithicone Zinc to combat scalp scaling, itching and flaking; this is a pretty standard anti-dandruff ingredient, so nothing really new here. BUT, the concentration in the shampoo is 2%, double what you're getting with Head & Shoulders, so it may be more effective.

Like all PureOlogy products, the new Dandruff line is sulfate-free and salt-free, making it especially well-suited to color-treated hair. I've used -- and loved -- PureOlogy shampoos and conditioners in the past, so I'm guessing these are no less fab.

And like their cousins in the PureOlogy line, they smell AMAZING. The signature scent is a blend of rose, plumeria, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Yum!

But of course, this luxury brand carries a luxury price point...the shampoo and conditioner will set you back $35 EACH. Ouch!

If you have dandruff and color your hair, tell me: would you shell out the cash for these new products from PureOlogy?