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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Pampered Mama: An Homage to Mother

Kristen's note: I hope you all enjoy this special post from the Pampered Mama, whose own Mama was taken from us nearly 7 years ago in the September 11 attacks. I still miss her honesty, her no BS attitude, and her general matter-of-factness!

And for the record, the Pampered Mama does make her proud, every single day.

Here's to you, Eileen.


So folks, I have mentioned that I never truly listened to what my mother said while I was growing up, and I kick myself for it since she is no longer around. My mother was my age during the Sixties and had a great old time of it. She wore beautiful clothing, the originals of what we wear today and state is so unique. She dressed my brother in plaid short suits and wore drape coats with 3/4 sleeves and gloves for Easter. She wore wigs because all the hair bleaching caused her hair to break to pixie length.

Today would be her 64th birthday (I was wrong over drinks, K!) and not a day goes by that I don't seek her love, advice and compliments on everything I try to do as a young single mother myself. Here's to you Mom, what better way to pay you respect than at a place that values enjoying life, beauty and the products that allow you to maintain your life and your love of ingenuity.

Whatever small lessons I may have taken, I hope I continue to make you proud.