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Friday, July 11, 2008

Provocative Beauty: Self-Tanning for Sci-Fi Addicts

Last summer I visited my dear friend Rachel in Prague and she took me on quite the tanning adventure! I was supposed to post my account of it shortly thereafter, but I came home and promptly broke my wrist (remember that?) putting an end to any hopes of coherent writing.

Anyhow, better late than never: Provocative Beauty (Pro-B) is a custom tanning solution developed by a group of Prague-based entrepreneurs. It's a spray booth, like Mystic Tan, but it's way better, and also infinitely cooler.

Before you step into the booth, a technician programs it to your height so that it sprays you accurately (love that!). You slather some barrier cream on your hands and feet, slip into a pair of hospital-esque booties, then get in the booth, which totally looks like something out of Star Trek. Oh, and you stand on a pair of illuminated footprints to ensure you're in the right position. Hee!

Once you're in, the booth heats you up for a few seconds, to prep your skin for the tanner, and then you get blasted with a fine mist of tanner from multiple mist heads. Here's the best part -- you don't have to move or adopt a series of silly poses. The floor of the booth ROTATES!

I was giggling like a maniac the entire time I was in there. It's so sci-fi, I love it.

After you've been misted, use a thin layer of the Activator Cream (moisturizer with a bit of extra DHA) all over your body, to blend the spray tan evenly. No spots, no streaks, no drips...really!

Rachel and I both did Pro-B one Saturday morning and were gorgeous and glowing by nightfall. Plus, it is SO MUCH FUN. Here we are sporting our fabulous tans that evening, partying it up in Prague (click to enlarge).

As of now, Provocative Beauty is only available at select salons in Europe, but I'm hoping the company continues to gain momentum so they can expand to the US! You won't want to miss this space-age tanning experience.