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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Self Tanner Review Series: Bath & Body Works 24/7 Radiant Moisture

For starters: This particular review is for a now-discontinued product, but I believe it has been reborn with a different scent and packaging. The original product was housed in a green tube and was part of the Breathe Energy line; there were also corresponding gradual tanning lotions in the other Breathe scents (Romance, Happiness).

It appears that these have morphed into Bath & Body Works Instant Radiance Gradual Tan Body Lotions, available in 5 popular B&BW scents. I checked around for reviews and it seems that the two formulations are pretty close to identical.

Mine is the Breathe Energy (Ginger Verbena) 24/7 Radiant Moisture Gradual Tanning Body Lotion. I got it quite a while back, tried it, and tossed it into my growing self-tanner graveyard. I had since forgotten why I didn't like it, so I took it out for a second go. Within an hour I remembered why I hated it, and within 3 days I wondered why I hadn't thrown it out yet.

This is probably the strongest-smelling gradual tanner I've ever used, even more so than the Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze, which I actually liked. The Ginger Verbena scent was so strong that it lasted all day and forced me to open my car windows for ventilation, despite the heat, noise and construction debris outside (thanks, NYC).

And of course, I idiotically put perfume on that day, thinking that the scent of the tanner would dissipate. It didn't. It clashed horribly with my fragrance and caused total scent overload. I ended up cancelling an in-person meeting and converting it to a conference call, just because I didn't want anyone to have to spend time behind closed doors with me.

As we've discussed before, self-tanner scents are a tricky thing. No added scent is actually preferable, since there's nothing to then mix with the DHA and make it even more sickening. And there are only a few scents out there that seem to work with the DHA and not make it worse. In this case, though, you needn't worry about the DHA mix - it seems there's hardly any in the product, so there's no scent clash.

After three days of suffering through the incredibly strong Ginger Verbena scent (but no DHA reek, thank God for small miracles, ha), I was rewarded with...nothing. NOTHING! No tan to speak of. I like a good gradual tanner, but if I don't see ANY results at all after three days, I'm out. I just don't have that kind of patience.

No wonder it ended up in the Graveyard the last time around. Not recommended.