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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DJ Tanner Called, She Wants Her Hair Back

This past weekend here at Beauty Addict HQ, the 80's made an unexpected comeback. In my hair.

I had previously blogged about my new Holy Grail of Hair Products, the Creme de Coco Masque from Bumble and bumble, and how it had enabled me to free myself from the chains of ALL styling products. That's right -- no serums, no sprays, no thermal protectants. My hair was perfect every time, right out of the shower.

Well, I'm sorry to say that I've now run out of the Creme de Coco, and my hair has returned to its previous state of needing as much help as possible in the styling department. Rather than restock right away, I thought this would be a good opportunity to test out a few products that had been sitting idly on the shelves during the Creme de Coco love affair.

And for some reason, I was immediately attracted to two cans of mousse. Yes, mousse! A product rarely used in this house since the days of "scrunching," scrunchies, and the Beverly Hills 90210 sweatshirt that I never wanted to take off. I remember arguing with my friends over the finer points of "hold" (hairspray, gel), and "control" (mousse).

Anyhow, I suppose this mousse craving stemmed from my desire to give my hair a little break from heat styling. I was looking for something that would make it presentable with "air drying" only. So, mousse it was.

First up was Kerastase Mousse Nutri-Sculpt. I have a soft spot for Kerastase, so I was hoping this mousse would achieve immediate HG status. Not so, my friends! When my hair dried, it dried crunchy, and it took considerable brushing to get it soft again. WAY too DJ Tanner in the early years of Full House. This mousse went a little overboard in the "control" department, methinks.

The second attempt was with Redken Blonde Glam Dream Whip. Now, I've been hating on Redken products these days, especially the conditioners. They smell so strongly of alcohol that I suspect they're actually drying my hair more than they're conditioning it. So, I went into this mousse trial with rather low expectations. And of course, I was proven wrong. The Dream Whip, which smells like delicious fresh oranges and grapefruit, made my hair soft, full and wavy. No crunch. No stringiness. No frizz. And this was without any blow-drying or brushing (with the exception of the front pieces, I always do those or else my hairline looks a mess). I towel dried, worked in a bit of mousse, and headed to work. By the time I got to the office, I was rocking a perfect summer hairstyle. Winner!

So if you're looking to get back into mousses but fear the 80's redux, Dream Whip is a good place to start. It's intended for "delicate, highlighted blonde hair" but I'm sure it won't kill you if you're a brunette.