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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gear Up For Cooler Temps: The Berry Lip Returns!

Uggghhh. I have totally been ignoring the new MAC collections, which is probably reason enough to strip me of my beauty blogger badge (does such a thing exist?). But, my head isn't buried too far in the sand...I still managed to catch what's shaping up to be my favorite new shade of the season.

Fellow berry lip lovers, say hello to Jampacked.

This shimmery, grape-hued Lipglass is intimidatingly dark in the tube, and though MAC describes it as "sheer," it packs a pretty powerful punch on the lips. If you have dark skin or lips, you can probably apply it like regular old lipgloss and be happy with the results.

On me, a full slick of it is far too macabre.

With my pale complexion, my tube of Jampacked will probably last the rest of my life -- I only need the tiniest dab for good color payoff.

And it's a good thing, too, since I probably wouldn't be able to snag a second tube if this one runs out. Jampacked is, of course, a limited edition item, making a onetime appearance as part of the Cult of Cherry collection. It's available right now, so if you want one, Do. Not. Wait.

Jampacked is absolutely perfect for fall; just looking at the tube has me wishing for cooler temps. Just think about it -- falling leaves! Crisp mornings and cool evenings! Cashmere sweaters! More specifically, gorgeous, toffee colored, cowl-neck cashmere sweaters (just bought one)! And the perfect lippie to go along with it all.

Now wait and see, we'll have the worst indian summer on record and then just blast into winter with nary a hint of autumn. Damn you, global warming!