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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tyra Banks as Michelle Obama

Tyra Banks' ideal first lady? "She'd need to know how to take a fierce picture but at the same time be able to eat fried chicken, have grease on her fingers...I would also want her to know how to beat her own face. That means do her own makeup."

Tyra channels Michelle Obama in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar, dressing up as the potential First-Lady-to-be in a series of very Presidential shots (see all the photos here). The one of her and "Barack" reading in bed while sporting Harvard sweatshirts is priceless.

We know Tyra likes to do these "transformations" (remember the fat suit?), but I think this is a little ridiculous!

Michelle Obama wouldn't be the first First Lady to be a fashion icon (Jackie Kennedy, anyone?), but this total-immersion dress up shoot is giving me the creeps. A Barack lookalike? Two little girls standing in for Malia and Sasha?

Not to mention that Cindy McCain is probably stewing right about now. Hehe!

First we have Elizabeth Banks and Josh Brolin as Laura and George W. Bush in that Oliver Stone movie, and now this. What do you think of the Tyra shoot - creepy or cool?