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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Highlights...But Not For Children

No, this isn't an "adult-oriented" post, I'm just hoping that a few of you will remember those Highlights...for Children magazines that were perpetually available in just about every pediatrician's waiting room. I would always get annoyed when the puzzles inside were already done, or if some sloppy child scribbled all over the pages. Swine!

Anyhow, this post is about those fabulous products that bring light and life to an otherwise lackluster face: highlighters! Just a little dab on the browbones, inner corners of eyes, cheekbones, cupid's bow, or center of the lip does wonders for the face (just not all at once, please and thank you). Below, a few of my favorite highlighters for every area of the face:

Face: NARS Multiple in Copacabana
Forget the hype about Orgasm -- if you're going to have one Multiple in your makeup collection, it should be Copacabana. This pearly luminizer is a perfect neutral complement to your look; it looks whitish in the tube but avoids the fatal flaw of so many other pale highlighters -- that chalky silvery cast that tends to look more ghostly than ethereal. Copacabana just gives you that gorgeous pearly gleam without any chalkiness or too much silver. And it's gorgeous on shoulders and collarbones for a night out, too.

Face: Fresh Satin Luster Palette
This trio of highlighters is wonderfully versatile, and the packaging is so cute that it's hard to pass up. The Satin Luster Palette has long been one of my favorites (see my 2005 review here!), since its three shades let you go warm, cool or neutral depending on your highlighter preference. $45 for ample portions of white pearl, beige pearl, and rose pearl -- and they last forever.

Eyes: Stila Eyeshadows in Kitten, Starlight, Moonlight
Shimmery nude-pink Kitten is so iconic that it's been turned into a liquid shadow, a lip gloss, and at one point, an even-more-shimmery version. The original Kitten shadow remains a favorite of many, and for good reason -- it makes a lovely "glowy" eye when used all over the lid, and is a gorgeous highlight shade for all but the palest skintones. For a paler, less pink take, try Starlight. And for a straight white shimmer, pick up Moonlight. It's hard to go wrong with any of Stila's shimmer shadows; they have a beautiful, almost creamy texture, and the shimmer is fine and nicely distributed.

Eyes: Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Champagne Quartz
This shadow might just give Kitten a run for its money. I first discovered it last year in the Velvet Plum palette, and now it's available on its own. The shimmer particles in Bobbi's Metallic collection are so fine that the shadow just loks glowy, never glittery. And Champagne Quartz has all the shimmer and softness of Kitten, with less pink. A warmer, more subtle alternative to the Stila classic.

Undereye: Laura Mercier Secret Brightener
Absolutely superb at masking the appearance of dark undereye circles, once you get the hang of it. On its own, it's too sheer to make any serious impact, but when applied underneath concealer or powder, it chases those dark shadows away in a snap. A little bit in the inner corners works well as a subtle highlighter, too.

Lips: NARS Lip Gloss in Harlow
The problem with most pale shimmery lip glosses is that they're too sheer -- so they work fine on their own or all over the lip, but when you're looking for a highlight shade, they just don't cut it. Harlow, however, packs a serious punch. Dot a bit of it on the center of your lower lip, then smush. This pale silvery-nude-mauve gloss instantly gives the appearance of a fuller pout, without looking too obvious. Perfect!