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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Land Flowing With Milk & Honey, At Your Local Mall

This is Warm Milk & Honey Massage Oil from Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy Sleep collection. I don't have any witty story or funny commentary to offer here, this is just a plain and simple endorsement of its supreme awesomeness.

Sometimes a product just has that perfect combination of pretty packaging, delicious scent, and OMG LIMITED EDITION goodness. This is one of them. I'm absolutely obsessed with the smell of it -- it has this cinnamon cookie quality to it, without being too foody. It's creamy and comforting and just delish.

And the packaging is beyond cute! It's hard to tell from the picture here, but the label is slightly metallic, and decorated with gold and silver stars. So pretty against the dark blue glass bottle!

At this point there isn't much keeping me from dashing out to Bath & Body Works and buying up every item from the Warm Milk & Honey collection. (Aside from the massage oil, there's Pillow Mist, Body Lotion, Body Wash, and Luxe Bath).

I am quite annoyed that this scent is limited edition, and I wish they'd make some Warm Milk & Honey hand cream, and maybe some Scentport refills, to complete the collection. It's SO good.

And if you buy the massage oil ($16) or any other combination of products totalling $15 or more, you can get this ridiculously cute Lambie for $5 (limited time only).