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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mascara Blitz: Lise Watier Mascara WOW

Here's one for my Canadian readers out there: Lise Watier Mascara WOW ($20 CAD). I've really been liking this brand since being introduced to it last year, but unfortunately it's pretty hard to find in the US (except for the fragrance Neiges, which seems to be widely available). Oddly enough, you can buy Lise Watier at the Biltmore, so if you ever find yourself at that grand estate in Asheville, NC, make sure to look out for it.

Anyhow, on to the mascara! Mascara WOW has a rubber-bristled brush (or if we're really being sciency, thermoplastic elastomer -- think Chanel Inimitable) that's relatively compact and narrow. This is a positive sign; it's usually good for definition and separation since you have more control.

And indeed, this mascara performs remarkably well in the separation and definition category. My lashes were perfectly defined and separated with no clumping or sticking together.

Mascara WOW also gets great marks for building volume at the base -- my lashes looked nice and dense there, with lots of color deposited at the lashline. I just wish that volume would have extended more to the tips -- they were just a little too feathery for my liking.

I tried this mascara in Deep Blue, which was almost black with just a hint of ultramarine. I loved the effect; it looked black on my lashes but just had a little glint of dark blue in the light.

Overall, Mascara WOW performs close to Chanel Inimitable, but isn't quite at the same level. However, a perfect choice if you prefer "medium-bodied" lashes with superb separation.