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Monday, January 26, 2009

Can't Catch a Break

There's probably not going to be a SAG awards recap this year, my dears (nevermind my unfinished Golden Globes coverage).

My parents' house was robbed tonight. ALL of my mother's jewelry - including her engagement ring and several irreplaceable antiques - gone. Their passports. All the baby jewelry given to me as a child. The burglars ripped a hotel safe right out of the closet floorboards and took it.

They wrapped up all their loot in the down comforter from my old bed (oh, and the top sheet was missing, too). The house looked like a tornado hit it.

This must be Fate's fee for letting my dad get off so easy with the cancer. Has to be. That's really the only way I can rationalize it right now. But...

At least it wasn't a fire.

At least no one got hurt.

But the knowledge that a malicious stranger was in your house, going through your personal belongings, sitting on your can't help but feel violated on such a deep level. It's incredibly jarring.

I'm double checking all my windows and doors tonight. You do the same!