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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best of Oscar Beauty!

OK, Oscar beauty roundup, FINALLY! Woo! In no particular order, here are my Top 10 Oscar Beauties. And of course, Worst of Oscar Beauty is coming up next.

Freida Pinto - Just flawless. I don't think this is Freida's home planet, she seriously must be an alien from somewhere prettier. Nothin' else to say.

Robin Wright Penn - She'll always be Princess Buttercup to me, and she always exudes this quiet elegance. Perfect hair, perfect makeup, great skin. How could such a gorgeous woman be left out of an acceptance speech?

Kate Winslet - There's been a lot of commentary about her hair, but I LOVED it. Very Grace Kelly. Kate's makeup always looks pretty much the same, but it looks good, so no complaints there.

Penelope Cruz - Watching Penny up there on the stage accepting her Oscar made me want to rush into the bathroom to trim my bangs again. They look so damn cute on her. Bangspiration!

Susan Downey - OK, this one's more out of jealousy than anything. This woman is gorgeous, has beautiful hair, and is married to my one true love RDJ.

Queen Latifah - Hair, makeup, dress, all absolutely lovely. The color of her dress, especially, made her skin look glowy and stunning.

Marisa Tomei - Soft und unfussy, just what she needed to balance out that incredible gown. Marisa is 44. Seriously incredible.

Diane Lane - Does she ever look bad? Her lip color had a bit of a coral tinge, loved it. And accessorizing with Josh Brolin is always a plus.

Vanessa Hudgens - Didn't love the dress, but her hair and makeup were killer. She wins the award for best blush of the night.

Taraji P. Henson - I LOVE HER HAIRCUT! The wispy-ended bob with sideswept bangs is pretty much my favorite look right now. And her makeup was fab - in closeup, it looked like she was wearing pink and purple shadow, which made for an amazing smokey eye when blended with dark liner and shadow at the lashline.