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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Worst of Oscar Beauty!

It's a pretty good sign, overall, that I had a Top 10 Best for Oscar beauty, and only four in the bad category. Here goes:

Reese Witherspoon: Oh dear. Dark blue eyeshadow is one of my all-time favorites, but it can go wrong far too easily. It looks odd with Reese's eye color, it's too matchy-matchy with the dress, and the peach lip color just ruins the whole thing. Click on the pic to enlarge and see the blue lids in all their, um, glory. This would have looked much better with navy liner blended with charcoal gray shadow.

Jessica Biel: I know this is the work of Pati Dubroff, and we're all supposed to be impressed. But Jessica was a presenter, and her barely-there eye makeup made her eyes seem to disappear when she was up there on stage. Just a tad more mascara, please, or maybe another layer of soft brown or gray shadow, just for a little definition. I do covet her lip color, though - perfect.

Evan Rachel Wood: This is a hairstyle I sported religiously in the sixth grade. I'd painstakingly spray, scrunch, and gel my bangs every morning before school, until they stood straight up in a "wave." It looked terrible then, and it looks terrible now. And wipe that smug look off your face, dear...no one envies you for snagging Marilyn Manson a second time.

Lisa Rinna: Lisa, I loved you on Days of Our Lives years ago, you're very funny, and you have a hot husband. But, honey, please stop injecting crap into your face. It's getting out of control. Oh, and Blanche Devereaux called, she wants her 'do back.