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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Palm Beach Mani: MAC Peaceable

Rock a retro Palm Beach vacation look this summer with this nail polish from MAC. Peaceable is a pearly, frosty pale golden beige, and is best paired with a tan, a bikini with fierce gold hardware (like this one), and a ridiculous beach caftan (like this one).

Just watch it, though, ok? Because this particular polish, if styled incorrectly, puts you in serious danger of looking too much like a cranky old doyenne on winter vacation from NY.

Ways to ruin the look: Capri cigarettes, too much Judith Ripka or John Hardy jewelry, a bouffant hairdo, and/or matching lipstick. Unless, that is, you are attempting to wear this look ironically, or if you're starring in a mid-90s Gucci ad campaign.

Other than that, go to town! I love this pale polish with a nice (fake) summer tan. It's a fun twist on the standard pale mani. Just avoid the ciggies and the bouffant, k?