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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Preserve Your Vacation Hair with Redken Blonde Glam

What you see at left is the effect of the Hawaiian sun on my hair.

Just a couple of weeks of playing outside kept my highlights fresh, turning the blondest pieces even blonder, and making me look like I just stepped out of the salon, even though the highlights were already almost two months old. It brought out depth and layers in the highlights that I hadn't seen since they were truly fresh (my evil hair tends to eat highlights and dye).

I dreaded returning home and watching my sun-kissed platinum strands go dull and brassy in this abysmal New York weather (chilly rain and darkness EVERY DAY, y'all).

Potential relief arrived in the form of Redken Blonde Glam Perfect Platinum Color Enhancer. This is a true color-depositing conditioner that actually delivers pigment to your hair. (Note: this is quite unlike the "Blonde Expressions" line from Pantene, which claims to revive color but does not actually deposit any on your hair. A platinum blonde could use the Brunette line with no ill effects.)

Perfect Platinum is intended to neutralize brassiness and preserve warm tones in ultra pale to light blonde locks. Now, I'm by no means a platinum blonde, just a multicolored head o' highlights, but I really wanted to play up those pale strands, so I went with the Platinum. If you're a darker blonde and want to keep it that way, pick up this conditioner in Rich Vanilla.

So, did it work?

I didn't notice a difference after the first use, but after using it every few days for two weeks, I'm starting to see a bit of a lift in the color - it looks more like it did in the abundant sunshine, and the brassiness and dullness are definitely being held at bay.

So I can hang on to my surfer girl hair for just a little longer.