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Friday, June 19, 2009

Would You Risk Your Eye Color For Longer Lashes?

Last year we talked about an upcoming drug from Allergan that promised to stimulate eyelash growth, giving you "longer, fuller darker" lashes, but with some pretty scary potential side effects. At the time, 80% of you said you'd skip it.

Well, that product - called Latisse - is now on the market, and I'm sure that by now you've seen the commercial with Brooke Shields, posted above.

The results look pretty impressive and dramatic, but I just can't get past the warnings about side effects:

"may cause eyelid skin darkening, which may be reversible"

"there is potential for increased brown iris pigmentation, which is likely permanent"

I can't say it any more emphatically - NO THANKS! There is just no way that I'm willing to risk losing my blue eye color, which I love dearly, just for the sake of better-looking lashes. I hate the fact that my lashes are pale blonde and require mascara for me to look human, but hey, I'd rather apply mascara every day than worry about permanent darkening of my irises.

This seriously scares the hell out of me. If my irises started to change color, what would it look like? Brown speckles? A gradual muddiness? All-out brown or black? The whole "permanent" aspect is just so jarring.

Fellow light-eyed ladies, what say you?

And brown-eyed girls, since the risks probably aren't as dramatic for you, would you consider using Latisse?