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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Delicious Seasonal Goodies at The Body Shop

I recently spotted the latest crop of new products on The Body Shop's website and just had to get in there and try them. Honestly, the pretty packaging suckered me in immediately - who could possibly resist? It's still easily recognizable as The Body Shop, but it's all dressed up!

There are two new scents for Fall/Holiday - Nutmeg & Vanilla and Black Velvet Apricot, an apricot-plum blend. Both are light, not too sweet, not too synthetic - and the Nutmeg and Vanilla is especially festive for the upcoming holiday season.

Both scents are available in The Body Shop's famed body butters, as well as shower gel, soap, body lotion, lip balm and scrub. The body lotions and the scrubs have some key differences, though, depending on which scent you choose.

The Black Velvet Apricot Body Smoother is a gel-based scrub in a squeeze tube, while the Nutmeg and Vanilla Body Scrub is a creamy scrub in a jar with nicely-sized scrubby bits (walnut and almond shells, apricot seeds).

And while the Vanilla and Nutmeg body lotion is shimmer-free, the Black Velvet Apricot lotion is flecked with a good helping of silvery-white shimmer.

There's also a shimmer product in the Vanilla and Nutmeg range, though, and it's my favorite of the entire collection. Hi-Glimmer Body Glaze is a truly awesome lightweight gold shimmer gel that looks and smells warm and inviting. Easily my pick for best of the new collection - it came home with me immediately. Perfect for legs and shoulders at all your holiday parties this season!