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Monday, October 26, 2009

New Collections: Luna Twilight

Luna Twilight makeup collectionI was trying to avoid talking about this line, but now that it's everywhere, I just couldn't help myself. New Moon has not one but TWO tie-in cosmetic lines. The Luna Twilight makeup (click the photo to enlarge for a better look) was developed with the people behind DuWop, aimed at the more "mature" Twilight fans, and is being sold at Nordstrom; Volturi Twilight targets the younger set with less cash on hand and presumably, more tolerance for glitter.

The Volturi line, especially its packaging, is a bit silly - decorated with gold crests and faux-gothic ironwork patterns that look like they came from an Anne Rice fansite. If you think the products are juvenile (bright pink body shimmer?), and exactly the kinds of things you'd find at Hot Topic, you'd be right. Volturi Twilight is available there, as well as at Ulta, Torrid, and

The Luna Twilight line, however, is actually - dare I say - kind of appealing. (What's not appealing, though, are the life-size Edward and Jacob cutouts that are currently terrorizing my local Nordstrom.)

The Luna packaging is pretty, with an overlay of silhouetted tree branches. I find myself slightly enamored of the lip glosses - '53 Chevy and Butterfly Kisses are quite pretty. The product and shade names successfully walk the line between breathlessly in love and downright angsty. And the star product, Twilight Lip Venom, is a natural extension of the original, appropriately macabre for a vampire movie. It looks like blood suspended in clear liquid, and that's kind of the point, isn't it?

The character palettes (Alice, Rosalie, Bella, Victoria) each come with two powder shadows, two lip colors, and a blush. None of them are exceptionally great, but for the most part they're nicely done and wearable - with the exception of Alice, which looks a bit clownish.

Get the full rundown of the Luna Twilight collection below. What do you think of this collection? Cheeseball movie mania, or a nicely executed tie-in?

Femme Fatale Lip Gloss ($20) in (left to right in photo) '53 Chevy, Drizzle, Kindle, Surrender, Butterfly Kisses, Hush, Myth, and Vapor

Just Bitten Staining Balm ($18) in Blush, Lullaby, Eye Candy, Rapture

Twilight Venom ($16) a two-phased version with venom-tinged conditioning oil on top and a red lip stain on the bottom

Mortal Glow Blushing Creme ($22) in Adrenaline, Swoon

Color Palette ($28) in Alice, Rosalie, Bella, Victoria

Moonshadow Eyeshadow ($20) duo of powder shadow and cream shadow, in Bloom, Honey/Wine, Fancy, and Snow Storm

Gleam Metallic Mascara ($22) in Lapiz (cobalt blue), Mist (silver grey) and Panther (black)

First Light Face Glow ($24)

Body Glow ($34)