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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prescriptives: 5 Things to Buy Before It's Too Late

As you may already know, it's curtains for the Prescriptives brand come January. If some of the must-haves in your personal arsenal come from Prescriptives, stock up now before it's too late! Here are a few of my favorite Prescriptives products, from the unique to the indispensable.

What are your must haves from the brand?

Custom Blend Foundation: A signature service of Prescriptives, you'll get a totally custom foundation that fits you to a T. Not only will it be a perfect match, it's kind of a fun process, so experience it while you still can! You can also get custom powder, concealer, bronzer, tinted moisturizer, lipstick and lip gloss. Speaking of lip gloss...

Custom Blend Lipgloss: This is an experience like no other; you get to create a totally unique shade, with the color, finish, and flavor customized to your exact specifications. I know, I know, it's just a lipgloss...but it's pretty special. You can order online, but you'll have many more options at a Prescriptives counter.

Instant Gratification Skin Renewal Peel: This is one of my favorite exfoliators OF ALL TIME, and the one Prescriptives product I'm really planning to stock up on (read: probably a dozen tubes). There are similar formulations on the market from other brands, but none really matches the efficacy of Instant Gratification. Read my original review here.

Mineral Color Lip Gloss in Rose Quartz: This lip gloss is almost blinding in the tube, but absolutely gorgeous on your lips. It's a sheer, bright blue-pink with golden and multicolor shimmer, and somehow manages to brighten up your entire face in a single swipe.

Here to Stay 24-Hour Longwear Mascara: It's not every day that you need your mascara to last this long, but when you do, reach for this one. It'll last through weddings, hideously long work days, sleepovers (ahem) and long haul flights. Pretty awesome stuff. Read my original review here.