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Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Sweat It...Even at the Beach

Picture this: you've just spent a long, luxurious day at the beach, complete with sunning, swimming, splashing around in the waves, and toweling off. On the way home, your phone rings with an invitation to an impromptu barbeque at a friend's house.

Do you go home and go through the whole getting-ready routine first, or do you just hit the party?

While most beach-day beauty snafus can be remedied on the go with a hairbrush, a dab of conditioner, a facial wipe and maybe some fresh lip gloss, none of those are going to change the fact that after a long, sweaty day, you're probably not up to snuff in the antiperspirant department. I usually try to pack a spare in my beach bag for these occasions (the minis from the travel-size section are great), but I've found an even-better solution.

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof All Day Formula, put simply, ROCKS. It stays on all day, even after swimming, and keeps you dry and smelling fabulous. No need to carry it along with you - you can even apply it the night before, and it'll still work!

I've used this on SO many occasions - scuba diving days when I know that a casual dinner-and-drinks will follow, beach/pool right before heading to the airport, and the aforementioned post-beach barbeque.

At $8-9 for 1.6 oz, Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof isn't cheap - and I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use - but it's a lifesaver on those long summer days when you don't know where the day (or night) will take you.