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Monday, August 02, 2010

Late to the Beach Party With MAC's Summer Lippies

Why, why, WHY did I take a break from blogging during a period when MAC decided to release a series of mind-bogglingly awesome collections? To The Beach came and went while I was, well, at the beach. Now that I'm back in the swing of things and catching up on everything I missed, I wish I had been writing when this collection made its debut, so I could have gushed immediately about the most fabulous lip products.

You know how I'm always on the hunt for pink lip liners? My natural lip line is kinda indistinct, so I like to have a little bit of liner to anchor my lip products. And most of the liners are on the market purport to be "nude" or neutral-toned, while in reality, they have orangey or "dirty" undertones that muddy up my glosses and lipsticks.

Well...MAC To The Beach includes a liner that's not only pink, but a cool-toned, slightly-bright-but-totally-wearable pink. It's called Life's A Breeze and it's become my go-to liner when I'm rocking a medium pink daytime lip, or even a bold fuchsia lip. I'm LOVING it for summer; it's playful and breezy, and it's just one of those pinks that makes you look healthy and alive when you wear it.

Not only that, the pencil itself is super cute--pearlized white with a black cap and a coral motif.

And...major bonus! One of the lipglasses in the collection, Splashing, is a perfect complement to the liner. It's a medium pink with soft gold pearl. And it has a freakin' seahorse on the cap. Need I say more?

Luckily, both of these items are still available from Nordstrom, but if you want them, don't wait! You know how it is with the limited editions.