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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Perfume Notes: Ebba Miss Marisa and Miss Marisa Tropical, Creative Scentualization Perfect Veil

More Luckyscent samples in this week's Perfume Notes! If you missed last week's post or you're not familiar with Luckyscent, here's the scoop: you can order a sample of nearly any fragrance on the site for about $3-4. Soon after, a little bubble pack of perfume vials will arrive at your door, and you can sniff away! My latest sample pack is starting to run low, so I'll be ordering again soon. Check out three new reviews here:

Ebba Miss Marisa. I had to try this one, as I'd been hearing about it as a cult favorite fragrance oil for years. At first, I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Smells like mint; so what? But after a little while, it develops into this lovely, peachy, fresh, not-too-sweet scent. It has that "fresh out of the shower vibe," but is significantly less soapy-sharp than CLEAN, and despite its "fresh" aspect, it's definitely still a perfume. A nice daytime weekend scent--I like it! Notes include plum blossom, cassis, fresh mint, and waterlily.

Ebba Miss Marisa Tropical. This twist on the original Miss Marisa incorporates mango and coconut, and they announce themselves rather loudly, as in, "HELLO!!!! THIS IS SUPER MANGO AND MY SIDEKICK, PLASTIC COCONUT. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." The coconut was so strong and synthetic in the opening that I thought my sample had gone bad. Mercifully, mango arrived shortly, but rendered the whole thing too sweet, strong and fruity for my liking. When I read "Tropical," I was expecting something creamier, more buttery than the original, but the result is more like plastic fruit salad.

Creative Scentualization Perfect Veil. Hmmm. White musk, baby powder, vanilla. Oddly, I really like it (especially after the initial blast of baby powder wears off). It was created to smell like clean, naked skin, and I like to think that this is how your skin would smell if you lived in Sookie's sparkly fairy-world, where everyone dances around barefoot and goes swimming in a magical light-filled pool. A grown-up, softer version of Bonne Bell Skin Musk. Notes include lemon, bergamot, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. Apparently this one is a celeb favorite, counting Madonna, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Morrison, and Rachel Zoe among its fans.