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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Perfume Notes: Sage Coral, Ebba By Sea and By Sand

This week's Perfume Notes picks all come from Luckyscent's sampling program, which is both amazingly convenient and incredibly addictive. You can order a vial sample of nearly anything from Luckyscent for about $3-5, and it'll arrive in just a few days. It's a great way to try niche/hard to find scents, indulge your curiosity, and discover new favorites. I ordered 9 vials on my last order, and I'll be working through them over the next couple of weeks. Of this batch, only Coral was a winner, but the fun is in the testing!

Coral: This roll-on oil by Sage is a unique summer scent that incorporates one of my all-time favorite notes, mimosa. Full list of notes include orange blossom, mimosa, sandalwood, vanilla, and coconut...and you can smell every single one, distinctly. The opening is a powdery orange blossom that fades into a warm vanilla sandalwood. A unique "beach" fragrance that's powdery without being old-lady.

Ebba by Sea is, disappointingly, very much like CLEAN, but with the addition of eucalyptus, which gives it an herbal/mint quality. Very soapy, and doesn't really capture the essence of an ocean beach in early morning like I was hoping. It's fresh and pleasant (and actually a bit cheaper than CLEAN), but I'm not compelled to buy. Oddly, it's miles better after you've rinsed or washed your skin, or in the very, VERY late drydown; I wish it smelled like this from the outset!

Ebba by Sand. Ugh, the opening smells like two Yankee Candles burning at the same time...a lemon one, and one of those cookie/autumn/spice ones. Citrus combined with incredibly sweet spice? Not a fan. Upon reading the list of notes, it makes sense: Thai lime and ginger tea. That'll do it. There's also gardenia and vanilla, which thankfully begin to take over from the lime and ginger after a few minutes, and add some actual beach quality to this supposedly "sandy" scent. But they're just not enough to overcome it, and the whole mess fades quickly into industrial air freshener and moth balls.. This became a "scrubber" for me after only 15 minutes.