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Monday, August 09, 2010

Victoria's Secret Expands Secret Moments Line

More new goodies from Victoria's Secret this week! Remember last year I gave you the scoop on the new Secret Moments bath & body line from VS? Well, it finally had its official launch this past spring, with just five of the scents that I spotted the first time around: Island Escape, Good Day Sunshine, Room 504, At First Sight, and Girls' Night In.

When I first tried the products from the Secret Moments line, I found them to be, well, just generally more appealing than many of the other bath and body offerings at VS (not to mention the lovely packaging). And fortunately, my two favorites from the line, Island Escape and Good Day Sunshine, made the cut for the official lineup.

And now, it looks like the line is expanding: a new scent, Kissing in Paris, with notes of "spring iris and fresh dew," has just joined the collection. The iris isn't the more earthy iris that you might find in high-end fragrances, but it's iris nonetheless, and I'm happy to see it in a Victoria's Secret offering. As for the fresh dew...indeed, the whole thing smells like a wet flower garden in the morning. It's crisp without being sharp, not too floral, not too aquatic (I know I used that description for Leave Me Breathless, but it's true in this case, too).

The packaging is just as pretty as that of the others in the line; Kissing in Paris features a pink Eiffel Tower and stylized fireworks that kinda look like flowers.

And on the heels of the new scent, there's even more good news for Secret Moments fans! Each of the six fragrances is now available in Smoothing Body Scrub, in addition to the existing lineup of body lotion, fragrance mist, body wash and body cream.

Have you tried Kissing in Paris or any of the other Secret Moments fragrances? Which are your favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments!