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Monday, August 16, 2010

VS Cocoa Butter Sensuous Escape Body Mist

Since we're not getting Bath & Body Works here in Hawaii until March 2011, my go-to destination for aimless bath product browsing is Victoria's Secret. (Yes, I frequent Sephora on the regular, but don't you  have those days when you're all, "I just want to buy a $9 body spray, dammit?")

Now, I know I used to crap on Victoria's Secret Beauty--I was bummed when they revamped and pulled outside beauty lines from the stores, and I still won't go near the obnoxious Pink and Beauty Rush displays--but I seem to be softening up in my old age. I no longer turn up my nose at the Vanilla Lace and Heavenly of my high school locker days.

In fact, I've been indulging in various guilty VS pleasures quite a bit lately. You all know that I love the Secret Moments line, and I have a soft spot for the nostalgic My Little Pony/doll head smell of Luscious Kisses.

My latest obsession is Cocoa Butter Sensuous Escape Deep Nourishing Body Mist. I can't vouch for the nourishing claim, because I don't really use this for any moisturizing properties--I use it because it smells pretty. It smells like cocoa butter, or a reasonable facsimile of what you'd expect cocoa butter to smell like; creamy, non-floral, slightly coconutty. It's softer, smoother and less harsh than many of the fruity-floral overload scents from VS. It's light enough to spray all over your bod (I like a little in my hair, too) and layers nicely with fragrances on the tropical side.

Pretty much, Sensuous Escape body mist makes you smell like you've been slathering yourself with a really expensive body cream. Yep, that's the best way to describe it: it smells like luxurious, softly scented body cream.

And it's $9 at practically any mall in the country. Can't beat that!