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Monday, March 10, 2008

Six Spring Scents

We've had a spell of warm weather here in New York, and oh baby, I hope it stays. The breeze is starting to carry that softness, that freshness that is undeniably Spring...and it's got me thinking about fragrances that fit the season. As I mentioned in this morning's post, the official start of it is only 10 days away!

I searched my collection for the scents that really scream Spring to me; the ones that evoke the raw greenneess of those first buds on the trees. I wasn't looking for anything too floral or too citrusy, just green and dewy and botanical. This is what I came up with. Post your favorite Spring fragrances in the comments!

Marc Jacobs Cucumber. Any spring/summer fragrance list I put together will always include this one, as long as it's still available (several etailers still have it). Remember the story of how it even charmed the NYPD? Total winner. Cucumber is crisp, green and fresh without being too sharp or vegetal. Notes include watery cucumber accord, lotus leaf, cactus flower, linden blossom, blue tiger lilies, Dutch freesia, frosted musk and blonde woods.

Hermes Concentre d'Orange Verte. This is the most citrusy of the bunch, and very, very dry, almost to the point of bitterness. It has that traditional cologne feel to it (think 4711)...a lot of citrus, some greenery, a little mint. You put it on and your brain immediately conjures this image of unripe oranges. Whether that's appealing to you is, of course, entirely a matter of personal preference. I love it!

Bond No. 9 Eau de Noho. True story: I once wore this on a date and was approached twice, by strangers, in front of my date, who just had to tell me how good I smelled. This is as much a man magnet as the aforementioned MJ Cucumber. There's this amazingly authentic dewy quality to it; it smells like wet leaves and flowers at dawn. Notes include mandarin, watery greens, linden, mimosa, violet leaves, cashmere woods, green moss, and amber.

Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic. This Pleasures flanker is quite a departure from the's fresher, crisper (thanks to pink grapefruit in the opening), and greener. Exotic is tropical without being too sweet, but is by far the most fruity of the six scents listed here. Notes include pink grapefruit, mango, green leaves, peony, hibiscus, lychee, cassis, sandalwood, amber and violet woods.

Hampton Sun Privet Bloom. This one's a sleeper - I don't know anyone else who wears it, but it's an unexpected gem. Notes include sea spray, dune grass, blue plum and privet blossom, although it's not nearly as aquatic as some of the notes would have you think.

L'Artisan La Chasse Aux Papillons. This is arguably the most floral of the six, but it still manages to capture the feeling of freshly blooming plant life. This is one of those distinctive fragrances that, once you sniff it, you'll be able to instantly recognize it (in elevators, on get the idea). Notes include linden blossom, lemon tree blossom, orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose.