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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PedEgg Over Easy

I'm usually the first one in my circle of friends & family to test out a new beauty product, so imagine my surprise when I heard that my DAD had been using a certain pedicure tool that I had yet to get my hands on!

If you're a night owl or have any insomnia issues, you've heard of the PedEgg. The infomercials are nearly unavoidable! I was fascinated by this little tool and finally got one of my very own. Now I can have foot sanding contests with my Dad. Whoever scrapes the most skin wins! OK, maybe not. Anyway:

The PedEgg is a manual foot file that collects all the gross little heel shavings inside, eliminating the "foot sawdust" that sometimes results from encounters with traditional files. The file surface looks like a mini cheese grater (a Microplane, really); you rub it back and forth over your calluses, pop it open and dump the shavings (totally gross) into the trash.

I was a little nervous that the PedEgg would hurt or rip my skin to shreds, but hey - I've done worse to my feet. I'm addicted to that godawful foot blade and on many occasions have lopped off a little more than I should. I figured the PedEgg couldn't possibly inflict damage of that caliber, so I gleefully took it to my feet and sanded away.

It didn't hurt AT ALL and didn't make me bleed, even though I was quite vigorous and even a bit heavy-handed with my technique. Within a few minutes my feet were incredibly smooth, with the exception of just a few rough spots where the grate had left some skin. These were easily smoothed out with the included emery buffing pads- you really need these, just as a "finishing" step.

I was equally fascinated and grossed out by the amount of skin inside the egg when I was finished. It is truly repulsive, but looks a bit like grated cheese - and I dare you not to touch it. Curiosity will get the better of you!

My one caveat is to keep the egg file-side-up while you're using it - if you tilt it too far or turn it completely over, some of the shavings will spill out through the grates.

Overall, the PedEgg is $10 well-spent and probably the most fun you'll ever have doing an at-home pedicure!