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Friday, July 23, 2010

5 Tricks for Sexy Summer Beach Hair

Ahhh, the beach! While you're showing off your fabulous tan (hopefully fake; we're no fans of sun damage around here) and frolicking with your friends, don't forget about your best accessory: your hair. Whether you want to create a sexy beach style, use your time in the sun for deep conditioning, or add some sun-kissed highlights, I've got the tips to make it happen. Read on:

For control and style, my pick is Bumble and bumble Brilliantine ($21). It works best on wet or damp hair, so toss the tube into your beach bag, work some through hair after a swim, and let it dry naturally. I don't know about you, but my hair has a tendency to go wild if it dries naturally without product on a breezy day, and I end up looking like Predator. Brilliantine keeps flyaways in place and stops your mane from morphing into a scary helmet of frizz.

For deep conditioning, L'Occitane do Brasil Summer Oil for Body & Hair ($24) does the trick. I like to use this if I want my hair to look AMAZING the night after a beach day. It's thick -- and it's an oil -- so don't expect it to just disappear into your hair. Work a bit through, then twist hair up into a bun (or apply to wet hair after a swim), then luxuriate in the sun. When you wash it out later, your hair will be ridiculously soft and shiny. This trick works well with coconut oil, too.

For shine, plus protection against UV rays and the elements, I like Redken Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield ($16). It leaves hair shiny and smooth, but do beware -- too much can create a greasefest on your head. Stick to a couple of sprays for normal use, but if you have your hair slicked back at the beach, feel free to pile on more for heavy-duty shine and more protection.

For surfer-girl texture, try Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves ($23). It's a little less intense than similar products like Bb Surf Spray, but plays up your already-windswept beach hair and creates tousled waves with semi-matte texture.

To refresh or add highlights, pick up a good old lemon at the grocery store. Squeeze some into your hair, or store your lemon juice in a small spray bottle and bring to the beach (fresh lemons only! None of that ReaLemon stuff). I love using a little lemon to refresh highlights that have lost their luster, or to add some extra brightness around my hairline. Depending on your hair color and type, you might have to go heavy on the lemon or use more than once to get results. Experiment! (Note: Since the lemon might dry your hair a bit, just make sure to condition well when you get home.)